Monday, January 26, 2009

White House Farmer -- supporting Carrie Anne Little

There is a competition that ends January 31, 2009 for White House Farmer. I receive the following e-mail about this today, and I am delighted in supporting this wonderfully generous farmer from Pierce County (south of us) Washington, CARRIE ANNE LITTLE.
I am writing to let you know that Pierce County, WA citizen Carrie Little of Mother Earth Farm in the Orting valley has been nominated and is currently in the lead as one of three people whose names will be submitted to the Obama team for the consideration of White House Farmer. I believe it is a wonderful and exicting idea to propose the White House turn lawns into an organic vegetable garden to feed staff and local food banks there. This supports agriculture, reduces fuel in transporting food, puts our taxdollars to use by producing something healthy and edible instead of just a great view and will encourage other Americans to live more sustainable lifestyles. I believe it is a great idea.

Carrie Little is a very knowledgeable, experienced farmer who loves what she does. Mother Earth Farm donates 100% (over 150,000 pounds) of fresh, organic produce to Pierce County foodbanks every year. I support Carrie Little and have voted for her at the website for the White House Farmer. It would be nice for all of Washington State to be represented by Carrie in D.C. through farming.

Can you please share this information with other farmers/vendors, friends and family. The deadline to vote is midnight Jan. 31st. To learn more about the idea of organic gardens at the White House and the nominee Carrie Little please visit the site listed below. Thank you for your time and interest.

White House Farmer.

Cherie Kuranko
Eatonville, WA

The Website says this about the project.
raison d’ĂȘtre: This site is a forum to follow up on Michael Pollan’s call for a White House Farmer. The farmer will be charged with transforming “five prime south-facing acres of the White House lawn and plant[ing] in their place an organic fruit and vegetable garden” whose produce will be used by the White House Chef, and given to area food banks.

The fine print: Nominations and voting are open through January 31. The top three vote-getters will be submitted to our new President.

Please vote for Carrie Anne Little

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