Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Warning: Maybe Local Harvest organization being spoofed

A reminder that you can be anyone on the Internet. I received the following message from Local Harvest, or I think I did. Now, remember, I am not guarantying this is right. It could be a spoof, too. However, I am leaning to this being genuine. Please read the following message and then the spoof below.

Hello Marilyn,

I am sending a short email to alert our members to an online scam that we've learned is being targeted at farms. These are mainly African scammers who will send you an email from your LH "email us" form or directly to you if you publish your email on your website, claiming to be interested in buying something from you. If you were to pursue a transaction with them, they would send you a check for an amount greater than their "purchase", and ask for a refund. Their check is a forgery, so you would lose the money you sent as a "refund".

We've programmed our system to block any emails being sent from African countries from getting through, but we've detected some scam attempts being sent from other places as well. We keep adding new keywords to our spam filters to detect these, but the scammers keep changing their messages to get through our filters. It's an ongoing battle, and some of their messages will unavoidably get through, so it's best to have you, our members, be on alert about these fraud attempts.

I'm pasting below a sample of a scammer email. If you get something like this, please, just delete it.

Thank you.



I found your Advert on this site (local harvest) and i think am interested in making business with you.I will like to know the Available stocks you have now for sales and also like to know the prices of the stocks in bulk.I am willing to buy as many as possible to enable me use it for Consumption and storage.please get back at me as soon as you get this mail.
Best Regards
Dr wilson mike

Guillermo Payet

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