Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tunnel Houses Up

The two new tunnel houses are up. (I will post pictures of them soon. I am not an expert picture poster, so please be patient.) Each is over 40 feet long, about 6 1/2 feet tall, and perhaps 12 or 15 feet wide. Brad and Allison made them from pvc pipe, greenhouse plastic, rebar, and wood planks.

Dissatisfied with the designs that are available online or handouts, Brad decided that our tunnel houses needed to be more sturdy, less aerodynamic, and really more permanent than the designs indicated. He has a hard time seeing why he wants to do this more than once every many years. He also wanted to be able to drive his primary tractor through them. While we do all hand work when the plants are up, we use tractors to prepare the soil. It all comes down to time.

Tuesday he was refitting the first one they built because they had learned so many lessons doing it that they applied to the second tunnel house. The kits are fairly expensive, while you can do the same thing with materials from your local big-box home improvement store.

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