Friday, June 13, 2008

Water Rights Ruling Favorable to Farmers

This is just a quick note about something that is highly controversial: water rights. You can read the article in our local paper King County Judge Strikes Down Key Parts of Water Law.

The biggest problem with government taking water rights from farmers is that the farmers can't get the water back for their crops. It has happened over and over. In the past many years, I have spoken to many elected officials who seem to believe that food magically appears on the grocery store shelves. In 1979, a study of US cities (the citation is long lost) including Seattle, had, at most, three (3) days of food. That was before Just In Time (JIT) ordering and storage. After the Katrina debacle in New Orleans, I read that cities have about 20 to 36 hours of food stored. Both storage numbers assume that the food stored including food on the grocery store shelves would feed the population, eating normally, for that many hours.

The truth is, few public officials ever buy or prepare their own food. My cynical self says that local officials are as reliable as their last bribe, and what they say is tuned to whom they are speaking. You Tube has proven many times.

Water rights for farmers, read YOUR local farmers, is part of YOUR food security.

On that cheery note, it is 52F and should go up to 63F (sorry, I cannot find a way to insert a degree sign).

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