Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The three basics for human life

The three basics for human life are food, water, and shelter. Why, in the 21st Century, have these gotten so out of balance in so many parts of the world will be the continuing question until food is available to all.

Africa used to be the food basket of the western world. It is where most all of the grains and produce crops for the Roman Empire were grown. As the polar ice caps melted, the Mediterranean Sea rose, the Sahara Desert grew, and Europe warmed the bread basket for Europe moved north into what is now Germany, France, Spain, and Southern regions of Eastern Europe. However, as the article below says, Africa could feed itself, expect when food distribution networks were disrupted by war, for example, the Biafra famine was man-made.

Here is a link to a rather wonky but highly informative article on the food crisis in Africa Destroying African Agriculture by Walden Bello in the June 3, 2008 issue of Foreign Policy In Focus.

This article is important not because it discusses famine in Africa, but because it describes how our areas of the world could become dominated by famine.

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