Thursday, June 11, 2009

No local food supply? Part 2

This post is very local-- as usual the war on agriculture continues. It can happen with a few tiny changes in the zoning regulations. Whether the anti-farming zoning regulations are unexpected consequences from well-meaning people, or an attempted land grab, Kitsap citizens need to become aware and involved with land use policies or farms will be pushed out of business. Kitsap is one area among many where farming is being challenged. The problem is both local and international, and the problem of farmland loss is so prevalent that international organizations are trying to raise awareness of the problem. If you are interested in eating locally, please pay attention to zoning regulations and changes of farmland to residential or industrial purposes.

This is fascinating reading, with lots of positive ag feel, but as with any survey, it is being used by some to try and kill agriculture in Kitsap.

CORRECTION: I had a bad link and it has been replaced by the following.

This link is to the KCAA blog: Farm Policy And Regulation. After you read this, look at the 2007 -- 2010 Action Plan November 2007 of the Kitsap County Economic Development Alliance. There is nothing "wrong" with their plan until you realize that agriculture is not in the zoning, and frequently ignored or treated as inconsequential.

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