Friday, March 6, 2009

The battle against CSAs, Farmers Markets, and wholesome food

I hope that you will click on this story and read it. It is horrifying, but if you don't know what the enemy doing, you will be defeated.

Goodbye farmers markets, CSAs, and roadside stands

It is an ongoing battle. This is a real threat. Tacoma tried to stop people from selling food from their homes because residences are not businesses. Totally in conflict with the right to farm. Yes we have a right to farm. I suggest that everyone write to any congress person they know to help stop what the article your friend sent is writing about... Read More. There is only ONE farmer in the Senate, Jon Tester (D) of Montana. He is an organic farmer. Read the website and read the Agenda/Rural link. If you like locally grown, organic or naturally grown food, you have to protest this. These companies are evil.

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