Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food Prices Expected to Keep Going Up

The New York Times reports that Food Prices Expected to Keep Going Up. While the price of some grains, mainly wheat, corn, and rice, have dropped, that may be caused by speculators hording grain releasing it to pay margin calls in our distressed economic. Even if the hoarding does not start again, the growing season problems caused by bad weather and climate change will continue to adversely effect the food supply. The economic laws of supply and demand will rule. The same thing is happening with petroleum prices, and there will be new price manipulations and demands.

So where does that put producers like Abundantly Green? We are trying to balance higher costs with keeping our prices down for our customers. The price per CSA share will rise on New Year's Day by about 10%. We want to keep the share sizes abundant.

Our 2009 shares for 2008 prices is good through December 31, 2008. Go to our sign up page and claim your share.

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