Sunday, November 9, 2008

Capital Press letter to the editor

I couple of weeks before the election, during the endorsement frenzy, Capital Press endorsed John McCain. For many reasons I did not support his candidacy. For many more reasons I supported Barack Obama. Yea!

I believe that the past seven years have been extremely hard on family farms. The twelve years previously under Republican administration was even harder on us. The eight years of Clinton were not as hard, but far from good. The assent of the industrial farm, which like much of American industry has been shown the doorway to China, is really the legacy of Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He devised the industrialized farming scheme that dominates today's agriculture. I have come to believe that this is one of the most harmful policies we have in the USA. There are many reasons for this, but it not good on many levels, including homeland security, that the USA has become a net importer of food, much of it being imported from China.

My husband had read the Capital Press endorsement to me in the morning, and later that day I read an article from the McClatchy newspapers website that discussed how John McCain ridiculed small, family farmers. I wrote a letter to the editor, which now appears on their website. As far as I know, it was not printed in the paper.

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