Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enemy of Agriculture vs Friend of Agriculture

Agriculture: McCain would wield veto pen for farm subsidies is a scathing article describing the contempt that McCain has demonstrated toward American agriculture. I have been aware of his opposition to farm aid and the farm bill, but this article actually shocked me. In particular, this part of the article sent a cold chill through me.
The agricultural-policy differences were apparent in 2006 when McCain sought to remove a $74 million grant program designed to help states promote sales of fruits and vegetables. In Senate debate, he likened the farm promotions to previous federal grants that funded artwork on airplanes.

"Maybe that (money) will be used to paint vegetables on airplanes. Or maybe a pretty flower. Or maybe a nice acorn," McCain suggested. "How about some dried apricots or prunes? That would be sure to increase consumption."

McCain's sarcasm was characteristic. So was the legislative result. His amendment failed by a 61-37 vote, with Obama joining a number of McCain's fellow Republicans in defeating it.

by Michael Doyle, McClatchy news papers reported on Thursday, September 18, 2008.

This is just one more reason...

Here is link to this blog as it appeared in the Capital Press letters to the editor McCain 'mocks' U.S. agriculture.

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