Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More on the cause of the increasing worldwide food shortage

The Financial Times -- FT.COM -- put together an amazing audio/video/interactive set of reports about Why are food prices rising? This set of articles and videos was probably assembled in Nov. 2007, however they are promoting it today. I cannot put it on permalink so I do not know how long it will be available.

I generally recommend FT.COM, which is the inheritor of The London Financial Times, now known as the Financial Times (the pink paper). Since the Wall Street Journal has been slipping into the Dumpster, it is the best source of financial information for the USA and Europe, and does quite well worldwide, although they are US, GB, and EU centric.

I would like to say that there is little or nothing in the food price increase that helps the farmer: the increases that you pay and then some go to the source of the increases, especially oil producers because they affect every point in the food chain. While taxing agencies contribute to some price increases, much at-risk farm land is likely in tax relief programs such as "Open Space" programs.


Nymrodell said...

Thanks so much for the great information provided on your blog. I have just been re-reading C.S. Lewis's book That Hideous Strength and finding it really pertinent to what is happening in our current world and what Monsanto is doing to monopolize life and seed.

I also watched a really heart-twisting movie last night by a German director called Our Daily Food. The director lets the sterile images of factory farms speak for themselves:


mjholt said...

Nymrodell, thank you for the encouraging comments. I have not read the C.S. Lewis book, nor have I seen Our Daily Bread, and I will seek them out. I watched the preview video on the link you provided. It promises to be a very poignant film.

It is sad, but films showing the horrors of factory farms and commercial slaughterhouses have never convinced people to change how they eat.

I believe that more humane treatment of animals, healthier plant diversity, and sustainable farming methods will only be realized when decentralization of food production.

It is something that we all have to work towards.